Sharing the Gospel 1 Pen at a Time When the Holy Spirit speaks to you while reading God's Word, use The Bible Pen (R)  to jot it down. The Bible Pen™ can be conveniently tucked in the pages of your Bible to write down, circle, or underline His words.  Small enough to be clipped to your Bible’s pages, this pen can live in your Bible and will never hurt the binding. The Bible Pen (R)  has a 07mm black/blue ink tip that writes like a .05mm without dotting or bleeding through your page.  It is also about the length of most other pens but its diameter is like that of a golf tee so it will not hurt your Bible's binding.  The Bible Pen (R)  has a clip that is a mere 1/4 of an inch from the end of the pen so it does not snag on anything once it is clipped in your Bible because most Bibles in the world have a leather binding that sticks out about the same length. Each order includes a set of 2 pens so you can share The Bible Pen (R)  and the Gospel at the same time. © The Bible Pen 2011 $7.5 + tax & s/h (price includes 2 pens) (1 Pen – Gold Clip  – Black Ink) (1 Pen – Silver Clip – Blue Ink) just 5 ¼" x 3/16” Sharing the Gospel 1 Pen at a Time (R)